Denmark’s only
museum of art
in public spaces

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Nørregade 29
DK 4600 Køge
+45 56 67 60 20

Tuesday-Sunday 11-17
Monday closed
40 min from
Copenhagen H


At KØS, we research art in public spaces and the special conditions and issues associated with works that take place in the Danes’ shared spaced – whether it is traditional monuments and murals, modernist sculptures, temporary, participatory art projects. or something completely different. As a state-recognized museum, we are obliged to do research in our field of collection, and precisely in these years there is a great demand for new knowledge, concept formation and analyzes of art in the public space, which is developing in many places, for example in connection with cultural urban development. KØS thus constitutes a knowledge center for art in the public space in Denmark. Partly through own research and partly by continuously establishing research collaborations and partnerships with relevant experts and actors in the field.

Research on KØS unfolds on several platforms:
• research-based exhibitions
• research catalogs
• international seminars
• PhD fellows
• Post.docs.

Read about the museum’s previous research projects here (only in Danish).