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Walk This Way

7 May – 18 September 2011


With the exhibition Walk This Way KØS takes to the streets, using the historic streets and harbour area of Køge as an exhibition venue.
Walk This Way comprises a 2km art walk that begins at KØS, winds its way through the streets of Køge, crosses the railway tracks and ends by the Søndre Havn harbour area – hence the name Walk This Way.
While walking along the route, you can discover art in surprising places: You can cross a bascule bridge encased in knitting, explore a hidden garden, and enjoy freshly painted trees; all while pink aeroplanes pass across the sky.

16 Danish and international artists and artists’ groups conquer the town of Køge. Some of them are street artists per se, others are artists who work with art within urban spaces and employ techniques and materials familiar from street art. Walk This Way is an exhibition of art in the public space and takes its point of departure in street art. Art within the public space has taken on new aspects with a new group of artists who use the streets as their exhibition venue. They decide for themselves where their art should be seen and what it should look like.

The exhibition is important to the Danish art scene because a wide range of Danish artist who take their point of departure in the street and street art are attracting a great deal of acclaim these years, not just within Denmark, but also internationally. They can hold their own ground when facing the excellent international figures represented here, travelling the world like modern globetrotters to create their site-specific works at localities across the globe. Walk This Way presents this ongoing interplay by featuring the following artists:

Akay (S), Armsrock (DK), Basco5 (CA/DK), Brad Downey (US/DE), Don John (DK), Josefine Günschel (D),Mormor (DK), Moss Couture (DK), Papfar (DK), PHUCISME – Phuc van Dang (DK/VN), Pink Army (DK), Sten & Lex (IT), Stickkontakt (S), Swoon (US), Tejn (DK), Ultra Grøn (DK).